An Announcement 

Meet our new owner

We are pleased to announce that veteran funeral director Owen Boughner has become the new owner and managing director at McFarlane & Roberts Funeral Home, on Wharncliffe Road in Lambeth.  A St. Thomas / Southwold native, Owen brings more than three decades of experience as a licensed funeral director to the business, along with a strong personal connection to the local community.

To ensure a smooth transition, Owen worked with retiring owner Mike Stevenson and the team at McFarlane & Roberts through the fall of 2023. As a result there has been no disruption in operations during the transition and the funeral home continues to offer a full range of services. The community should be assured that all preplanned services and advanced funding arranged at McFarlane & Roberts remain in place and secure. In addition, records of past services remain with the business.

Expressing appreciation for the loyal families who value McFarlane & Roberts, Owen promises to continue the firm’s unwavering focus on exceptional service and professionalism. Acknowledging that the funeral business has changed since COVID, he embraces the shift in customer expectations. “More and more families are looking for personalized celebrations, alternative services, or outdoor options. Diverse cultural and faith traditions require us to provide an array of options and our team is committed to being an inclusive destination to help all families honour their loved ones.”

With the transition now complete, Owen extends thanks to former owner Michael Stevenson. “Mike has been a key part of this business for more than 30 years and his commitment to helping families through difficult times has always been remarkable. I wish him all the best in his well-deserved retirement.”  Mike is also pleased with the change; “Owen was my first choice to take over the business. I’ve known him a long time and I know he will continue the legacy of exceptional service at McFarlane & Roberts.”

Owen looks forward to meeting all of the families and friends of McFarlane & Roberts and welcomes everyone to stop in and say hello, or call with any questions.